Team Building Johannesburg

Team Building Sandton

Team Building Sandton

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Team Building Sandton
Morningside Bowling Club in Rivonia, Sandton

Team Building Sandton, Masterchef Team Building Johannesburg, Braai Master or Potjiekos Team Building in Sandton at the Morningside Bowling Club in Rivonia. Each team get a new braai that they can take home after the event.

09h00 - Coffee, Muffins, Cheese Savories, Mini Yogurts

Ice Breakers and Fun Group Activities

Dividing Teams ±10/team
The entire group would stand in a circle and everybody would get a number. All the “number 1’s” would be in a team, and all the “number 2’s” in another team, etc. Allow about ten people per team

Amazing Race Imagination
Teams start with a challenge, i.e. build and race with a Newspaper Conveyer Belt, (2) solve a puzzle, (3) find iconic places, (4) search for imaginary things, (5) and finally decorate their tables using the Mystery Boxes. Not all the Mystery Boxes have the same goodies inside, and teams have to swop or trade.

Green Screen Movie Making
Teams act in front of a Green Screen for 12 seconds, and without knowing why. The video is then edited in the Amazing Race TV Show, with backgrounds such as the Eifel Tower, Great Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Donald Trump, Bafana Bafana etc - simply hilarious. This video is shown after lunch.

11h00 - Refreshment Break
Assorted Toasted Sandwiches and Chips, Bottled Water

BraaiMaster Mystery Boxes (±10/team)
Each team receives a Mystery Box with Herbs, Spices, Utensils, Charcoal and Braais. Teams take the braais home after the event. Team Building team will get the tomatoes and pepper, while the other team the onions and salt etc. Teams have to build a meat platter that represents a country, i.e. Mexico, Thailand, Spain etc.

  • New Charcoal Braais -  each braai can BBQ for 10 to 15 people. Teams keep the braais after the event
  • New Braai Utensils - new disposable utensils (halaal), veggie knives, spoons, cutting boards, mixing bowls, mop caps, chef hats, aprons, gloves
  • Herbs & Spices -i.e basil, tumeric, bay leaves, capers, cardamom, chives, cloves, fennel, garlic, jasmine, nutmeg, oregano, paprika, saffron, curry, thyme, turmeric etc
  • Charcoal, Fire Lighters
  • Halaal Meat (halaal, Forsmay Muslim Butchery, 011 838 5720 or Laudium Muslim Halal Butchery, 012 374 3415) - lamb, beef, chicken, wors; total ±350g per person

Team Building person from each team is chosen as a judge, that person must select a criteria, i.e. taste, texture, presentation etc. Each judge must select a different criteria

13h00 - Lunch
Lunch is served and winner announced. Cutlery & Crockery, Braai meat is served with Pap, Gravy, Salads, Rolls. Paper plates for halal meals.

Soft Drinks
340ml Coke, Sprite etc, may be exchanged for Bottled Water

Watch edited Green Screen Video –hilarious

Vegetarian and Vegan dish from the buffet
Halaal Meals - ordered from Barcelos on arrival
Kosher Meals - ordered from Totally Kosher, 3 Cuts of meat with starch and Veg (usually chicken, wors & a chop).

Cash Bar
The venue is home to an Old English Pub, at very affordable rates, (Draught ±R35, Quart ±R30)

Depart at Leisure