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Team Building Activities Johannesburg

Team Building Activities Johannesburg

Team Building Activities JohannesburgThe year is still a puppy, and our frontrunner is currently the Amazing Race Gold Reef City. The big question is if the Amazing Race Montecasino will beat Gold Reef City this year. The Amazing Race Johannesburg Zoo is now fast climbing the team building ladder in Johannesburg, and now in 3rd place.

  1. Amazing Race Gold Reef City, Min 10pax
  2. Amazing Race Montecasino, Min 20pax
  3. Amazing Race Johannesburg Zoo, Min 20pax
  4. Sandton Survivor, Min 20pax
  5. MasterChef BraaiMaster Sandton, Min 40pax
  6. Gold Reef City Treasure Hunt (Saturdays Only), Min 20pax
  7. Potjiekos Team Building Sandton, Min 40pax
  8. Amazing Race Silverstar Casino, Min 20pax

Team Building Activities Pretoria
The Amazing Race Pretoria Zoo is currently the most popular team building event in Pretoria, and the Amazing Race Menlyn Maine is only a few seconds behind. The Treasure Hunt at The Pretoria Botanical Garden is climbing fast, and now also in the Top 3 Team Building Events in Pretoria.
  1. Pretoria Zoo Amazing Race, Min 20pax
  2. Amazing Race Menlyn Maine, Min 10pax
  3. Treasure Hunt Botanical Garden, Min 20pax
  4. Potjiekos Competition Centurion, Min 40pax
  5. Potjiekos Competition Pretoria Zoo, Min 40pax

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