Cook Off Team Building Johannesburg

Cook Off Team Building Sandton

Cook Off Team Building SandtonCook Off Team Building Johannesburg, Sandton MasterChef Cook Off is a popular team building event in Johannesburg. Each team get a Mystery Box, and have to swop or trade the ingredients and utensils to make a stew.

Cook Off Team Building in Sandton at the Morningside Bowling Club in Rivonia
Teams then have to cook a stew in a Casserole Pot. These Casserole Pots are served on the table with the Braai Buffet at one o’clock. We only use new pots and utensils, and halaal meat. Take the Casserole Pots home after the event.

09h00 Arrival Coffee and Muffins
Ice Breakers and Funny Group Activities. We will divide everybody in ±10 people per team.

09h20 Dividing Teams ±10pp/team. 
The entire group stand in a circle and everybody get a number. All the “number 1’s” would be in a team, and all the “number 2’s” in another team, etc. Allow about ten people per team

10h00 MasterChef Cook Off Sandton
We are going to make hearty stews and curries. Each team get a Casserole Pot and a mystery box with a burner. Take the Casserole Pots home after the event. The mystery boxed have various herbs, spices, new utensils, and not so easy to find veggies. Teams then have to swop or trade these ingredients and utensils. Spices include tandoori, teriyaki, green curry, butter chicken, Greek, etc. The Casseroles are served as side meals on the table with lunch - as an extra with the main lunch menu!

11h00 Refreshment Break
Soft drinks and assorted sandwiches, including Chicken Mayo and Tomato & Cheese

11h20 Escape Room Team Building Sandton
Teams have 60 minutes to solve 60 clues. Our Escape Room is World Class and include Hollywood Actors, Cartoons, popular household brands, mirror letters, invisible ink and UV Torches, pirate maps, QR codes, and many more riddles and puzzles. We are not allowed to lock companies in rooms, and instead teams need to work out where they are kept captive, so that they can get a S.O.S out to be saved – utterly brilliant, funny, and very easy!

12h50 Get the Casseroles ready for lunch
Served on the tables with the Braai Buffet

13h00 Braai Buffet Lunch
Tenderized Steak, Chicken and Wors, and Vegetable Lasagna for the vegetarians, served with Pap & Gravy, and Six Assorted Salads. Soft Drinks include 340ml Coke, Sprite, Bottled Water etc.

  • Vegetarian and Vegan - Vegetable Lasagna and Salads, or order from the menu. Three Vegetarian and Vegan from the Restaurant Menu is included in this quotation
  • Halal Braai - Lamb, Beef and Chicken, ask for the receipt from Forsmay Muslim Butchery (011 838 5720) or Laudium Muslim Halal Butchery (012 374 3415), ±350g per person.
  • Kosher Meals - we regret, there are no Kosher Restaurants near this venue. You may bring your own Kosher Braai or Meals
  • Cash Bar Available

13h00 Bar Tab Optional
Old English Pub and Outside Bar. Very affordable rates, i.e. 500ml Draught ±R35, Quart Castle ±R30. We can add the bar tab on our invoice.

14h00 Winners Announced and Depart at Leisure 

MasterChef Team Building Johannesburg
MasterChef Team Building Activities near Sandton include our Potjiekos Competitions at the Morningside Bowling Club, BraaiMaster Team Building, and MasterChef Team Building at the Chartwell Castle Maze in Fourways.

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