Murder Mystery Suspects

Murder Mystery Johannesburg

Who did Pablo Blackmail to kill Madea?
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Who did Pablo blackmail to kill Madea? You can either read or play the audio. This Murder Mystery is easy, full of imagination, stacked with laughter, and brimming with gripping conspiracies. First - divide the characters amongst your team and share your notes. Then everybody must do the Fakebook Module - hilarious, and it has a working slot machine. Secondly - Open the doors of the basement to sketch a timeline of the events that led to the murder. Finally - sit around a table like a jury, and identify the murderer(s) who Pablo blackmailed to kill Madea.

  Pop the Bubbles Just for the Fun of it  

  The Five Letter Password to Jury Box at the end will show at the bottom-right in 30 minutes. You may refresh as many times as you want, but each time you refresh the clock will start at zero.  

1. Profile the Suspects

Show Message For Five Seconds

  Deleting Top Secret C.I.A. Files  

  Deleting Top Secret C.I.A. Files  

3. Alibis, Heroes & Villains

4. The Basement Doors

  Click on the Image  

  Deleting Top Secret C.I.A. Files  

  The correct password will open the Jury Box and a Quiz to identify the murderer(s)  

♠ The End ♠